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IMS5302 - Racoon Design Award



During the semester you are asked to consider the design of every day objects, devices, software. Each week I will ask you to nominate an object, device, software that you believe deserves to be nominated for the Racoon Award. An award for the best nomination,that is the best example of an object, device, software that would appear to have been designed by racoons, will be given. All nominations will appear on the website. At the end of the semester these will be judged by Dr Kathy Lynch who will present the award to the winning nomination.


The nominations to date are:

1. Nominated by Mary: the toilet in Norway where the light switch was located inside the toilet but very low down so that those in wheel chairs could reach it but no one else could find it.

2. Nominated by Mathew: the stairs and doors leading into Building H. These do not align when you come to the top of the stairs you expect to walk straight ahead into a door instead you walk into a window.

3. Nominated by : A toilet in Japan with complex controls, impossible to know which control to press for the flush. Text in Japanese with no other indicators for use.

4. Nominated by Erin: The controls on the car radio for changing the time/date. Changes require simulateous button presses in a particular order.

5. Nominated by Han Le: Nokia phone with an ipod style mechanism for dialling phone numbers. Picture

6. Nominated by Mathew: men's urinal, three in a row with one flush button between the second and third urinal at about shoulder level - how does the person in urinal 1 flush? Reach across!! picture

7. Nominated by Dennise: cultural issues with left and right. Up elevators in Australia on the right, on left in Mexico. Confusing for visitors.

8. Nominated by Nandana Peiris: Coke machine with two options for inserting coins except only one works.

9. Wei Kang: There is a plug-in download in the Browser Firefox, called IE view which provides the users with their familiared Interface of Microsoft Internet Explorer. People often don't like adpating new things like new browsers because new things usually mean new learning process. IE has not changed a lot over 10 years since it was invented in Windows 95, People get used to it. Even though the Fixfox shares the strong market share nowadays, it still offers the IE view option considering the impact of IE. From My point of view, I think Interface desginer needs to consider this from the psychological aspect that people's scare to new things.

10. Mary: Light switch in one of the tute rooms on level 7, building H requires users to enter the room, find the light switch and without light find how to raise the lights