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IMS5302 - Content

The content (theory and activities) are found on this page (if a content link does not work today, it will by Friday - especially for the current week's content).

Each week you will be provided with a specific reading for that week, discussion during the lecture or tutorial will be based on this reading. Week 1 the reading will be provided for you in hardcopy. For subsequent weeks you will need to download the paper, from the library, using the link provided

schedule and content is subject to change

Week: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
WEEK Lecture Topic Theme/content Textbook chapters,
other resources
Tutorials. (Bold indicates assessable component of the tutorial)
Mar 1

Background and underpinning theories

Unit overview.
Introduction to Human Factors

Lecture 1 6pp, 3pp

S&P Chapter 1, 2

No tutorial

Mar 8


Norman’s theories –

Lecture 2 6pp, 3pp

S&P ch 2, Norman

Tutorial 1

Plagiarism exercise

Mar 15

Design methods

Development methods and approaches for HCI

Lecture 3 6pp, 3pp

Additional slides for lect 3 6pp 3pp

S&P chapter 3, 5

Article: Zhang, P, Benbasat, I, Carey, J, Davis, F, Galletta, D, Strong, D (2002) “AMCIS 2002 Human computer interaction research in the MIS discipline” Communications of the Association for Information Systems, Vol 9

This article will be used for the practice critique, will be handed out in week 2. If you are not in the lecture please see Julie for a copy.

Tutorial 2

Practice critique exercise - 5%


4. Mar 22

Designing practice


Supporting practice:
Using prototyping, Participatory design. Involving users

Lecture 4 6pp 3pp

Additional slides on assessment

S&P ch 3, 5

Johnson, J, Henderson, A (2002) “Conceptual models: begin by designing what to design.” , Interactions January-February, ACM

Tutorial 3  

Mar 29
Contribution of cognitive psychology to HCI

Guest Lecture Barry Atkinson

Guest lecture: 6pp 3pp

Article for first critique

Gentner and Neilson (1996) 'The Anti-Mac Interface', Communications of the ACM, vol 39, No 8.

ACM Digital Library

Tutorial 4

First critical analysis - 10%


Apr 5

Interface evaluation techniques 1 - Usability testing


Evaluating design

Lecture 6 6pp 3pp

S&P chapter 4
Dumas and Redish

Reading for lecture

Article: Benyon and Macaulay (2002) “Scenarios and the HCI-SE design problem”, Interacting with Computers Vol 14, No 4 pp 397-405,

Through Science Direct

Tutorial 5

Note change of venue for tute. Both tutes will be in H 5.95

7 .
Apr 12


Evaluation techniques 2

Cognitive walk throughs

Expert reviews

Lecture 7 6pp 3pp

S&P chapter 5
Lecture Article

Reading for Lecture 7: Fitzgerald and Dix (1999)

Chalmers P (2003) “Role of Cognitive theory in a human computer interface", Computers in Human Behaviour, 19 593-607. (Science Direct)

Tutorial 6

Usability test

Note change of venue for tute. Both tutes will be in H 5.95

Apr 14 -21
Easter Break
No Classes
Assignment 1 due 5pm Thursday April 20, Assignment can be, put in Julie's pigeon hole, level 7, emailed to or posted (PO Box 197, Caulfield East, 3145)  
Apr 26

Interface /interaction styles Visualisation Input devices, universal usability

Direct manipulation menu design interaction devices Design issues

Lecture 8 6pp 3pp

S&P chapter 6, 7, 8. S&P chapter 11, 12

Cooper, A (1995) “About face” (in Monash Library)

Reading Lovegren (1994) 'How to Choose Good Methaphors' IEEE Software, May

Tutorial 7

May 3
Building tools
Kathy Lynch
Lecture 9 6pp 3pp
  Tutorial 8 Critique 2
10 .

Designing for the web

Designing for the Web

Lecture 9 6pp 3pp

S&P chapter 14

J. Nielsen, N. Christiansen, K. Levinsen, L. Nielsen, C. Yssing, R. Ørngreen and T. Clemmensen (2004) "The Human Being in the 21st Century: Design perspectives on the representation of users in IS development ", OZCHI, Woollongong

Cooper, A (1995) “About face” (in Monash Library)

Tutorial 9

Help and discussion of second assignment


May 17
User information: design issues

Lecture 10: 6pp 3pp

Ch 11 pg 470- ch 13

Clarke, D (1996) "A Guide to…Interface development environments". Interfaces, Vol32, Summer. Online at

Tutorial 10

Times for groups to meet and work on assignment 2

May 24

Student presentations

Assignment 2 due Friday 12.30 pm, May 19




Tutorial 11


May 31

Putting it all together - HCI in practice
Kathy Lynch



Presentation of Racoon Award will be made during the lecture

No tute