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IMS5302 - Assessment

Formal Supervised assessment (50%)

•  Critical analysis practice task undertaken in tutorial time (5%) Week 3

•  Critical analysis task 1 undertaken in tutorial time (10%) Week 5

•  Critical analysis task 2 undertaken in tutorial time (15%) Week 8

•  Presentation of final assignment presented as a report to management (10%) Week 12

•  Active and constructive participation in tutorials, including reading tasks (10%)

Coversheets are available at

Non supervised assessment (50%)

  • Assignment 1. (25%) Development methods. This is an individual assignment. Due date: 5pm Thursday April 20th , 2006
  • Assignment 2. (25%) Theory into practice. This is a group assignment of no less than three members per group and no more than four. Due date:12.30pm Friday, May 26th , 2006.
  • All presentations will take place on May 24th, all group members must attend.

Example of critique marking guide

To prepare for Critiques you should be:

•  Reviewing the lecture material

•  Reading references I have listed that you believe might be relevant

•  Read the relevant sections of the textbook.

•  Read carefully the paper on which the critique is based

•  Think carefully about the implications of the paper in the broader context of your experience and knowledge

Assignment 1 - 25%

Word limit: 4000 5000 words

Due Date: April 20th, 5pm

Assignment 1

Marking guide Assignment 1

Assignment 2

Assignment 2 Marking guide

Information to help with Assignment 2

  • The website/system you select to evaluate needs to have sufficient depth to it to make the assignment meaningful. You must check with me first if you are using a site not list on the assignment sheet.
  • References: Use the library database and make sure that when you do a general search tick the box 'peer reviewed', that will cut out a lot of the rubbish.  
  • 5000 words is the minimum but you won't have any trouble reaching that, remember if you will write around 400 - 450 words per page so this is likely to be around 12 pages.
  • Remember use the marking guide as an indicator for how marks are allocated and how the paper should be structured.

Usability instrument

Presentation Assignment 2 Marking guide

Presentation guidelines:

  • Presentations should be 10-15 minutes long, your group will be stopped after 15 minutes. There will be 5 minutes provided for discussion and questions.
  • Please provide Julie or Jake with a copy of your presentation before the start of the class week 12.
  • Remember that the presentation takes the form of a report to the board. You are to imagine you are presenting to the board and providing the board for reasons why the changes you are recommending should be made to their website. The rest of the class will act as the board and will be asked to respond to your request for changes recommended.
  • Not everyone in the group has to present but marks will be deducted if all group members are not present unless otherwise arranged.

Group presentation times:

7.10 Jonathon, 7.30 Cong, 6.50 Mary, 8.10 Michael, 8.30 Pablo, 8.50 Mathew. 9.10 Jenny


Jacob Zhirov, unit tutor, will be available to answer questions relating to your results (email: ). Please email him after Monday regarding your results for Assignment 2 and the presentation.

NOTE: He cannot, nor will not provide you with your final result. This cannot be done until the results are confirmed at Board of Examiners. Any questions etc regarding assessment should be directed to Jacob after May 29th.