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IMS5052 : Enterprise Systems

Assessment in this unit is by formal examination (50%) and assignments as detailed below (50%).

The examination is of two hours duration and will be conducted in the University's formal examination period at the conclusion of the semester. You must make yourself available for examination on the scheduled day.

If you fail to attend for examination because of major illness or major disabling event you can apply for a Deferred Examination. Such applications must be lodged no later than 48 hours after your last scheduled examination. Applications are consciensiously assessed and a Deferred Examination is not awarded unless genuine incapacity to attend the scheduled examination is clearly demonstrated.

Students who sit for the scheduled examination and who believe that their examination performance has been adversely affected by medical, psychological or other debilitating circumstances beyond their control can apply for Special Consideration. Such applications also must be lodged no later than 48 hours after your last scheduled examination. Special Consideration applications are consciensiously assessed and may result in alteration of your final mark.

The assignments are to be undertaken individually or in a group as indicated. They must be submitted to your Tutor's pigeon-hole by 2pm Friday in the week in which it is due.

The 2005 assignments were as listed below. These will change for 2006.

Assignment Title Individual or Group Value Due date, by 2.00pm
Literature critique. Davenport article. individual 7.5% week 5
Literature critique. Soh, Sia, Tay-Yap article. individual 7.5% week 8
Research report. Refer to Tutorials page for topics group 15% week 10
Research presentation. Refer to Tutorials page for topics group 10% assigned by Tutor
Participation in discussions individual 10% during weeks 7 to 13

Assessment Criteria

Download Critique criteria

Download Report and Presentation criteria

Download Participation criteria

You will be assigned the topic for your group's research report and presentation in the tutorial of week 2. The actual topics are listed by week on the Tutorials page of this web site.

You can find the articles in the on-line databases on the library site.

Davenport, T. H. (1998) Putting the enterprise into the Enterprise System. Harvard Business Review, 76, (4) Jul/Aug, pp 121-132.

Soh, C., Sia, S.K., Tay-Yap, J. (2000) Cultural fits and misfits: is ERP a universal solution? Communications of the ACM, 43, (4) pp 47-51.

Pay particular attention to the requirements for assignment submission in this School. They include the requirement to submit each assignment with the appropriate Cover Sheet containing your declaration of originality.

A tutorial on correct citation using the required APA style is available on the library web site.

Submission requirements and Cover Sheets are available from the Assignment Cover Sheets link on the School home page.

As a matter of sound professional IT practice you will be sure to back-up all assignment files to a separate storage medium each time you work on an assignment.

The permanent loss of a file from hardware malfunction is a thing of the past! You are expected, as a matter of course, to have a USB storage device or similar hardware as a backup device to prevent loss of data.

Please be clear in your understanding that the loss of an assignment file from whatever cause is not acceptable as a reason to grant an extension to the due date. You are enrolled in a degree in the Information Technology Faculty and therefore professional standards of data management are expected of you.

The Unit Outline document contains all the other necessary information or links to information relating to assessment requirements and procedures.

How to write a critique.

You will be prompted for username and password -

username: ims5007

password: masters1

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