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IMS5023 : Information Enterprise Management and Marketing

Tutorial Exercises

You should have noted that Assignment 3 consists of 'tutorial exercises' on a topic related to the topic of the previous week's lecture. These contributions collectively make up Assignment 3 and count for 10% of your final mark.  For off-campus students George Wilson will run a 'virtual tutorial' using email.

On-campus tutorials.
The general format for tutorials is as follows. During the lecture the previous week, the  tutorial topic will be announced in broad outline, and you will be given guidance about what resources, including websites, you will need to consult in advance. You will commence consulting these resources from immediately after the lecture, and will bring notes on the resources to the tutorial. Each tutorial lasts for one hour. During the first 30 minutes the tutor will specify the day's exercise in detail, and time will be spent in discussing the exercise and answering questions. During the last 30 minutes you will each write approximately one A4 page on the topic, and hand it to the tutor before leaving the tutorial. Each student will hand in only their own work. Where work is not handed in the student will be deemed to have missed the tutorial, and will lose the appropriate proportion of the marks for Assignment 3.

Off-campus virtual tutorial
Commencing immediately after the lecture of the previous week, off campus students too will consult and make notes on the broad topic indicated in the lecture. On the following Wednesday George will specify the tutorial exercise in detail, and you will have until Friday to ask questions and discuss the exercise. The exercises must be emailed to George by 5pm the next Tuesday. Remember: when emailing your contribution, the subject line should read 'IMS5023 Exercise No. __'.

In all, there will be eight tutorial exercises of this type, and the assessment of these will contribute a total of 10% to your final result. The remaining four tutorials will be devoted to explaining the other assessment tasks and revision before the exam.


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