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IMS5023 : Information Enterprise Management and Marketing

ASSIGNMENT 2 - Web Development Team Role Play

Assessment weighting: 20% of overall assessment in the unit.
Due date: One contribution/assessment activity per week- due dates specified on WebCT site.)
Submission format: All contributions to be submitted via WebCT

This assignment will run differently to most assignments you have completed in the past. It will be run entirely online - through WebCT - and apart from the little that is presented on this page, all information about the assignment will be held on your WebCT site.

The assignment requires you to act out a role in one of two scenarios: an online bookshop and a high school.

In both scenarios you are asked to assume that the organisations you work for would like to set up a new Web site and that you have been selected to be on a committee responsible for defining a 4-person development team for that Web site, preparing job descriptions and job advertisments.

The assignment has two aims:

  1. to explore the skill sets and team members required for Web site development
  2. to give you experience in a Virtual Knowledge Team, so that you can learn first hand what the strengths and weaknesses of this form of communication are.

You will be emailed enough details to get you started on the exercise on Wedndesday 20th or Thursday 21st April. This will include the URL for WebCT, your username and password, and some brief details about your character. Everything else will be on the site. Please email Tom Denison on Friday if you do not receive your 'getting started' email. Please also check that your username/password works as soon as you receive it.

The email will be sent to your official Monash account.

It will work best if you:

This assignment will run for seven weeks:

Week 1 (week 7 of semester - submit by April 29):

You will

Week 2 (week 8 of semester - submit by May 6):

You will

Week 3 (week 9 of semester - submit by May 13):

You will

Week 4 (week 10 of semester - submit by May 20):

You will

Week 5 (week 11 of semester - submit by May 27):

You will

Week 6 (week 12 of semester - submit by June 3):

You will

Week 7 (week 13 of semester - submit by June 10):

How You will be Assessed

In order for the role-play to provide an optimal learning experience all members of the group should participate within the specified time-frame.

Weeks 1 to 6 will each be worth 14%, and Week 7 will be worth 16% of the final mark for the assignment. The marks are divided equally between the interactions and the diary, but you must participate in both to receive a mark for the week. 

Diary: Each week of the role-play, you must submit a diary entry electronically through WebCT. Instructions regarding the requirements of the diary, and how to submit it, will be repeated each week in your WebCT unit. It is important that you do these weekly, as they are meant to assess your engagement with the role-play as well as your understanding of the job description and recruitment process. Note - the diary entry is not a formal written assignment but a reflection of your experience - informal language and point form is fine.

Tom Denison