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IMS5023 : Information Enterprise Management and Marketing

Assignment 1

Business Plan Outline


A good business plan should establish a link between the proposed activity and the desired outcomes, by:

  • providing a written summary of what you hope to accomplish;
  • helping organize available resources to meet your goals;
  • establishing relationships between different tasks and projects;
  • providing a means of measuring progress;
  • identifying what finance is needed and when;
  • identifying potential problems; and
  • encouraging realism.

You are required to prepare a business plan for Assignment 1 and it should do all of the above EXCEPT YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO SAY ANYTHING ABOUT FINANCIAL MATTERS.

The following is a brief list of headings, prepared with an online service in mind, that would be a suitable framework for your report. Note that it is suitable for both commercial and non-profit bodies.

As a broad overview, a business plan should contain the following sections:

  • executive summary
  • company summary
  • website plan
  • market analysis
  • strategy and implementation
  • management summary

Sections of the business plan


The introductory area should contain sections on:

  • executive summary
  • objectives
  • mission
  • keys to success

The company summary should contain sections on:

  • company ownership
  • start-up summary (if a new company)
  • company location and facilities

The website plan should contain sections on:

  • business model
  • site positioning
  • traffic forecast
  • details of front end design
  • details of back end systems and design
  • adherence to organisational standards
  • future development plans

The market analysis should contain sections on:

  • market segmentation
  • intended audience
  • website demographics
  • market needs
  • market trends
  • market growth
  • industry analysis
  • industry participants
  • Internet presence
  • competition and buying patterns
  • main competitors

The strategy and implementation section should contain sections on:

  • your value proposition
  • competitive edge
  • marketing strategy
    • site marketing
    • pricing strategy
    • commerce strategy
    • marketing programs
  • sales strategy
  • strategic alliances
  • milestones
  • risk management

The management summary should containg sections on:

  • organisational structure
  • the management team

Note that a certain amount of repetition will occur in the development of a good business plan. Looking at the various issues from different perspectives can introduce cross-checks into the plan that should confirm its accuracy.



Tom Denison