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IMS5023 : Information Enterprise Management and Marketing


Managing the practical development of an information product/ service for a virtual information community Web site development project

Assessment weighting: 20% of overall assessment in the unit.
Due date: Friday, 15 April (One week later for off-campus students)
Submission format: Place in the assignment box or submit by post to: Tom Denison, SIMS, Level 7, Monash University, 26 Sir John Monash Drive, Caulfield East, Vic. 3145, Australia.

Your task is to develop a combined specification and business case for a Web-based information service for a defined information community.

Examples of the type of service which would be suitable include:

This assignment is designed to test your understanding of the material relating to virtual communities and the development of online services that will be presented in Weeks 2, 3 and 4. While you can start the assignment whenever you wish, you MUST familiarise yourself with the material presented in those weeks before you prepare your final draft.

The end product of your assignment will take the form of

  1. a written report (3,000 words); plus
  2. a mock-up of the opening screen of the proposed Web site - the purpose of the mock-up is to show that your vision for the service matches your plan, not to test your technical skills. The mock-up can be presented in any suitable format.

In order to complete this assigment you will first need to:

The service must be able to act as a virtual community, so the site must be designed so as to encourage interaction by its intended audience. Choose your 'publisher' and subject area carefully so that communication between users/visitors to the site is a useful feature of the site.

Having made these decisions you must then prepare a business case or specification for the proposed Web site.

At a minimum it must contain the following:

You are NOT required to attempt a financial analysis of the proposal.

You are NOT required to describe the hardware or technical infrastructure required to support the site.

A suggested outline of you r business case is available here.

The purpose of this assignment is to test your ability not only to design a Web-based information service, but to design one that can act as the basis of a virtual community, and justify it by providing a sound business case and to demonstrate that you have an understanding of the appropriate use of the technology in this context. The marks for this assignment derive in equal measure from those three areas.

Note: As with all projects, PLAGIARISM WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Those who copy the design of an existing site rather than design one of their own will be penalised accordingly.


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