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IMS5023 : Information Enterprise Management and Marketing


The assignments (50% weighting) and a two hour examination (50% weighting) will be used to assess whether you have achieved the objectives of this subject.

The three assignments are (total assessment value 50%)

Assignment 1, Value 20%, Due Date: April 15.
Website Business Case and Specification

Assignment 2, Value 20%, Due Date: Various, final due date June 3.
Web Development Team Role Play

Assignment 3, Value 10%, Due Date: Various.
Tutorial exercises.

Formal supervised assessment

A "closed book" examination, 2 hours, (assessment value 50%).

View the sample exam.

It shows the layout, and sample essay questions.

The models tested in Sections 1 & 2 will be:

Information Communities Model
Porter & Millar's Value Chain
Porter & Millar's Industry Attractiveness Model
Thompson's Technology Classification
Information Flows Model

The examination will test your ability to meet the unit objectives.

The formal supervised assessment for this unit will be an exam scheduled in the formal examination period following the last week of semester. You are required to be available for the exam and any necessary supplementary assessment procedures until the end of the assessment period. Alternative times for exams will not be approved without a medical certificate for a significant illness, or equivalent evidence.


  1. Assignments in this unit are no less important than those of other units. Your inability to manage your time or computing resources will not be accepted as a valid excuse. (Several assignments falling due at the same time is often unavoidable.)
  2. Backup copies are required to be made of all assignments and retained for 12 months, in case of loss.
  3. Hardware failures are not normally recognised as a valid reason for obtaining an extension or handing in a late assignment.

Assessment Notes

1. Acknowledgment of sources

Each time you complete any assessment, please refer to and make yourself familiar with the most current information regarding acknowledgement of sources, plagiarism and academic conduct contained in the SIMS Policy website. http://www.sims.monash.edu.au/policies

2. Assignments

2.1 Standards for presentation

All printed assignment work must be word processed and meet the standards set out in the assignment. Refer also to the School of Information Management and Systems guidelines for writing assignments for additional information on presentation standards:

2.2 All assignments must include an appropriate signed SIMS assignment cover page. See the SIMS web site for downloadable (PDF) copies of SIMS assignment cover pages

2.3 Extensions

If you believe that your assignment will be delayed because of circumstances beyond your control such as illness, you should apply for an extension prior to the due date. All applications for extensions must be made in writing to your lecturer. Medical certificates or other supporting documentation will be required.

Late assignments submitted without an approved extension may be accepted (up to one week late) at the discretion of your lecturer, but will be penalised at the rate of 10% of total assignment marks per day (including weekends).
Total marks available for the assignment = 100 marks
Marks received for the assignment = 70 marks
Marks deducted for 2 days late submission (20% of 100) = 20 marks
Final mark received for assignment = 50 marks

2.4 Submission of assignments

Assignments should be received at the IMS5023 Assignment Box (Level 7, Building S) on or before the due date. In the absence of other instructions, all assignments are to be submitted to your tutor during your allocated tutorial.

2.5 Return of assignments

Assignments will either be returned in specified tutorials during semester or via the SIMS Frontdesk collection system outside semester.

In general, assignments will be returned within two to three weeks of the due date.

Off campus students who wish their assignments to be returned to them must provide a stamped self-addressed envelope when submitting the assignment.

3 Student Academic Grievance Procedure

If you have a concern or issue about aspects of your assessment or other academic matters, you are encouraged to follow the SIMS Student Academic Grievance Procedure: http://www.sims.monash.edu.au/policies

4. Pass requirements

The 40% rule applies to units and determines the final result for a student where the student's performance in either the examination or assignment component of the unit is unsatisfactory. Students need to be aware of the 40% rule which is: In order to pass a unit, a student must gain all of the following:

1. at least 40% of the marks available for the examination component: i.e. the final examination and any tests performed under exam conditions, taken as a whole

2. at least 40% of the marks available for the assignment component: i.e. the assignments and any other assessment tasks (such as presentations) taken as a whole

3. at least 50% of the total marks for the unit
Where a student gains less than 40% for either the examination or assignment component, the final result for the unit will be no greater than '44-N'.

5. Grades

Grade Code Marks
High Distinction HD 80-100
Distinction D 70-79
Credit C 60-69
Pass P 50-59
Near Pass NP 45-49 (may be awarded by Board of Examiners only)
Fail N 0-49
Deferred DEF  
Withheld WH  

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