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IMS5002 - Information System Security



Start date

Lecture Topics


Lecture PPT slides and readings


28 Feb

Overview of the unit

Security governance




Introduction to security - overview of unit



7 March

Managing security in the organisation

Risk Management - Part 1


Week 2_risk management_4 slides

Week 2_risk management_6 slides


14 March

Risk Management - Part 2

threats and vulnerabilities


Week 3_risk management_Part 2_4 slides

Week 3_risk management_Part 2_6 slides




21 March

Andrew Dixon will give a talk on accessing database systems in the library for your assignment - please bring any questions you may have about your assignment and Andrew will show you how to get the most out of your searches.

Risk Management - Part 3

Access Controls





Week 4 - Risk management_Part 3_4 slides

Week 4 - Risk management_Part 3_6 slides


Friday 25 March to Friday 1 April Mid semester vacation



4 April

IS Security computer forensics



Week 5 - computer forensics: a critical process in the incident response plan - 3 slides

Week 5 - computer forensics: a critical process in the incident response plan - 6 slides

Please refer to READINGS at this website. Go to the bottom of the page you will see SANS webcasts. You should access these when they become available.


11 April

Impact of e-commerce on the organisation


Week 6 - Impact of E-commerce on the organisation - 3ppt

Week 6 - Impact of E-commerce on the organisation - 6ppt


Dear students

We have a guest speaker tonight for the first half of the lecture: Christian Wilson is the Monash IT Security Manager, working in Infrastructure services information technology services and ITS IT security and risk.

Unfortunately I cannot upload the slides for you. I will give them out in class.



18 April

Security over the internet


Week 7 - Internet security - weak link _3 ppt

Week 7 - Internet security - weak link_6ppt


Secure Online Data Transfer with SSL Get thawtes new introductory guide to SSL security which covers the basics of how it operates. Discussions of the various applications of SSL certificates and their appropriate deployment is included along with details of testing SSL on your website http://newsletter.infoworld.com/t?ctl=C5CB76 :2F5B7B4


25 April

Security as a critical business function

Week 8 - Designing a secure system_4ppt

Week 8 - Designing a secure system_6ppt


Please access this website; there are numerous articles and reports you may find useful for your assignments and for additional readings:



2 May

Security policies and procedures




Week 9-Risk management - Part 4_security policies_3 ppt

Week 9-Risk management - Part 4_security policies_6 ppt


9 May

Business continuity plans/disaster recovery

Week 10 Business continuity plans and disaster recovery_4ppt

Week 10 Business continuity plans and disaster recovery_6ppt




Week 10 - full slides as requested


16 May

Security standards, privacy and law

Week 11 - Privacy issues_3 ppt

Week 11 - Privacy Issues_6 ppt


there will be a video in the second half of the lecture this evening.

This link came from the latest SANS newsletter. I hope you are all subscribing to SANS. This is a free service and very worthwhile.



23 May

Current issues and Future Trends in

IS Security




Week 12 - Current trends_3 ppt

Week 12 - current trends_6 ppt


30 May

Review and Revision

Exam Preparation


Week 13 - Unit Overview and exam prep _3ppt

Students are advised to attend this session as well as attend the tutorials this week.


6 June-

1 July

Examination period




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