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IMS3012 : Knowledge Management

Notice Posted 11 October 2005
The tutorial in week 13 will be a mock exam. The session will run from 5pm to 8pm (with a break) and will be held in K203. Students will do the mock exam in the first two hours. In the third hour, your tutor will review the exam with you. There will be no lecture in week 13.

Note Posted 21 September 2005
Unfortunately there is no case study for this week's tutorial. This is due to the fact that both governance and risk are relatively new areas in KM. The reading material includes some current work by Suzanne Zyngier who is doing her PhD in KM Governance.

Notice Posted 23 August 2005
Individual DocuShare accounts have been created. Instructions to access DocuShare available here: DocuShare.pdf

Notice Posted 11 August 2005
There is an updated version of the Lab Notes for Week 4. This gives you instruction to access your WordWare databaase

Notice Posted 28 July 2005
To help you review case studies, I have prepared a (rough) guide to help you analyse the material: Case Study Guide.pdf


Turorial Sessions Overview
The activities will be split between tutorials and Laboratory sessions. The activities will include discussion of KM case studies, investigation of KM systems and using a KM system case study to design and develop a prototype KMS.

Students will be expected to have read material prior to the class and to participate in the discussions.

Investigation of KM systems will be supported by one of the KM systems running in the Monash KM Lab.


PROPOSED SCHEDULE (subject to change without notice)

Tutorial Topic
Exploring KM Systems
No Tutorial    
Expert views of Knowledge Management
Tutorial Week 2

Knowledge management overview, by Paul Grey
Centre for Research On Information Technology and organisations- 2000


An introduction to the KM Lab

Lab Excercise 1

The social dimension of the KMS infrastructure:
The role of people in the KMS
Tutorial Week 3
The case study material will be in two part:
Lend Lease Presentation.pdf
Lend Lease Case study, “Expertise Location” Inside Knowledge, Vol 8. Issue 9, June 2005 (page 24-29) Link:

Exploring DocuShare

Lab Week 3


KMS and business processes:What drives KM initiatives

Tutorial Week 4

Embedding KM into business practices at BP, Knowledge Management Review Volume 4 Issue 2 May/June 2001 (pp. 30-33)
Additional Reading
Towards integrated model of organisation culture and knowledge management

Wiki and WordWare

Lab Wk4.pdf

Exploring the technology infrastructure: How does podcasting fit the agenda of KMS
Tutorial Week 5

NRI papers no 58 Nov 2002

Additional Reading
7 things you should know about Podcasting

Prototyping an e-learnng system

Lab Week 5

Designing KMS for people: How can ICT support knowledge work
Tutorial Week 6

Meek, T., 1999, "How can an IT infrastructure support knowledge management: The Evolution of Information Technology at Buckman, Knowledge Management Review, 2:5, pp 22-25

Reay, J., 2000, "Why Motor racing is Driven by Knowledge", Knowledge Management Review, 3:5, pp20-25

Prototyping cont.
Knowledge mapping: Social Network Analysis (SNA)
Tutorial Week 7
Social networks at Silicon valley
Prototyping cont.

Developing the KM Strategy

Tutorial Week 8

Robertson, J. (2004) "Developing KM Strategies" Step Two Design P/L

Chamish, Y. (2001) "Putting culture first at BEZEQ", KM Review 4:4, pp22-25 Sept /Oct

Prototyping cont.
Deploying the KMS:
Issues in KM Implementation
Tutorial Week 9
Sunsassee, N. N. and Sewry, D.A. (2003) "An Investigation of KM Implementation Strategies", in Proceedings of the Research Conference on Enablement Through Technology, ACM Portal
Pages: 24 - 36
Implementation Strategy
Prototyping cont.

The governance of the KMS initiative:
Assessing the risks

Tutorial Week 10

Zyngier, S. (2005) "Knowledge Management Governance", in Schwartz, D. (ed) Encyclopedia of Knowledge management, Idea Press (forthcoming)
Zyngier Governance.pdf
Prototyping cont
The Value Proposition of KM:
Evaluating KMS deployment

"Measuring Knowledge networks at Caterpillar",
KM Review, 7:3, pp6-7

"Measuring outcomes not just activity at Buckman",
KM Review
, 7:2, pp28-31

Submission of prototype

Class presentation of prototype

Reflection on KMS Hariharan, A. (2005) "Critical success factors for KM",
KM Review
8:2, pp16-1
Class presentation of prototype
Exam revision Exam revision Exam revision
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