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IMS3012 : Knowledge Management

Notice Posted 5/10/2005
A reminder that this week we have a guest lecture from Mr. Greg Collette from WordWare on the Value Proposition of KM. The lecture will be availble for download in due course. I have also posted my lecture but this is more for your information as we will not get to cover all the material. I am assuming that Greg's lecture wil cover most of the points I want to make.

Notice Posted 23/8/2005
Last week's guest lecture is now availble to download

The lectures will be automatically recorded and made available through the Library's MLO facility. This means that lectures need to start at the scheduled time. Please ensure that you arrive at the lecture on time. !!!!!!

(subject to change without notice)

Lecture1.pdf The lecture introduces the unit and its operation and sets the broad scope for the unit. It introduces the subject matter and the framework around which the unit is designed.
Lecture2.pdf The lecture deal with the infrastructure for KMS from the view of its alignment with organisational objectives
Lecture3.pdf The lecture deals with how KM initiatives are defined in terms of their compatibility with organisational goals
Lecture4.pdf The lecture examines issues that impact the lifecycle of KMS and raises questions about a KMS lifecycle


Eric Tsui's Lecture

The lecture will be presented by A/Prof Frada Burstein. The topic is the technology infrastrucutre for KMS

Eric Tsui has given permission to distribute his guest lecture

Lecture6.pdf The lecture examines the knowledge audit process and the methods of conducting the audit
Lecture7.pdf The lecture looks at the composition and skill set of the team that implements a KM initiative
Lecture8.pdf The lecture examines the KMS blueprint but focuses on the repository components of the blueprint
Lecture9.pdf Implementation and deployment of KMS
Lecture10.pdf KM Governance and risk management


Greg Collette Lecture

Mr. Greg Collette from Wordware will present a guest lecture looking at the value proposition of KMS
Lecture12.pdf Unit review
  Sample exam
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