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IMS3000 : Third Year Studio


There are three elements of assessment for this subject.

1. An individual assignment in which students will develop a model for database design to solve one of several small "case studies". 15%

2. A group assignment, in which groups of 3 students will develop a database, using MySQL, to implement a solution to one of the "case studies" from assignment 1. 25%

Assignment details [1st assignment] [18kb]

Data for Assignment two:

Asignment data: [18kb]

Auction Data [10kb]

Dodgy Cars Data [13kb]

A graphical front-end for MySQL that you might find useful is available at http://www.navicat.com/index.html. You do not have to use this, of course, but it may make getting tables designed, assembled and populated easier.

3. A closed book 3 hour exam. 60%

The Exam.

A small number of students have commented about the exam. I wish to make the following ponts clear:

1. I indicated that there was conflicting information about the length of the exaam, and that it would either be 2 or 3 hours long. In terms of the examination length and the nature of the exam, I do not see how its length could affect student prepation. Given that there was a problem over the length of the paper, students attending the last lecture were effectively warned that it could be either two or three hours long.

2. It makes little difference which of these it is [2 or 3 hours] except in terms of how much material I expect you to present in response to the questions - to a large extent a 2 hour exam is easier for students, as an examiner's expectations are generally reduced.

3. I am, of course, taking into account the length of time to take the exam and reducing my expectations accordingly.




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