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IMS1502 - Assessment


IMS1502 Assessment Schedule

Assignment 70% (Handed out in Studio Week 2)

Assignment Resources
Case Study
Case Study Forms are only available in hardcopy format
Website information


Part 1 - 25 %
Part 2 - 40%
Part 3 - 5%

Weeks 3, 4, 6, 12 & 13
See Assignment for further details

Reflective Journals 10% (Handed out in Studio Week 1)

Reflective Journal 1


Week 6

Reflective Journal 2


Week 13

Exam 20%


10th October, 2005

Q. Do we need to prepare user documentation for the website?
No, you do not ... just for each business function your group has worked on.

5th August, 2005

Q. In term of deposit, does the parent pay $50 deposit when they are on waiting list, or for enrolment?
A. T
he parents must pay a $50 deposit before they are put on the waiting list. This deposit is not refundable under any circumstances.
(Apologies from the pre-school there is a mistake in the documentation they provided to you).

Q. In the sample waitlist form, there are some signatures and dates on the right hand side of the form. What does this indicate?
The date indicates when the child was put on the Waiting List, and the signature is of the staff member who wrote the information on the form.

Q. Will the pre-school provide us with the information to go on the website?
Yes, the pre-school will give you detailed information about the pre-school and their programs shortly, which you can use to provide information on the website.