Current Supervision (Principle supervisor)

 Thesis titles

Research Degree Supervision and Completion

Principle Ph D supervisor

'Enhancing individual autonomy in breast cancer information provision: the role of ‘personal outcomes’ in the selection, use and quality evaluation of information'

'A multidisciplinary approach to access readiness for change in enterprise wide systems implementations: a humanistic and social sciences perspective.'

Completed Ph D theses

Ambica Dattakumar 'Adoption of telemedicine in India: Perceptions of decision makers and clinicians' 2012

Kate Lazarenko 'The role of user expectations in the design of personalised health information portals' 2011

Shane Grisby

Rosetta Manaszewicz ''Different time, different place': An exploratory study of information use by women with advanced breast cancer'

Mathew Hillier 'T.O.P^2 – A multiple perspectives framework for complex human activity problems, an exploration via the systems approach' 2008

Annemieke Craig 'Attracting women to computing: A framework for evaluating intervention programs' 2008

Rodney Turner  'An empirical study of stakeholder perceptions of necessary academic skills and personal attributes of IS graduates.' P h D 2007

Peter Shackleton 'Town hall e-commerce: A model for web based service delivery.' Ph D 2006

Judy Sheard 'Analysing Student Behaviour in Web-based Learning Environments' Ph D 2006

Kathy Lynch 'Collaborative work skills for the beginning information systems professional.' Ph D 2005

Joze Kusic 'Enablers and inhibitors of electronic commerce: An Australian study.' Ph D 2002

Completed Masters by research theses

Ambica Dattakumar 'Adoption or Use of ICT by clinicians in Australia and India' 2007

Shilpa Dora Masters by Research 2006

Jane Moon 'Understanding in designing intelligent health portals for information retrieval.'  Masters by Research 2005

Silvia Fajardo  Minor Thesis 2003


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