This page is a reflection of the evolution of the research group. It has a historical information about the position and membership of the group as of May 1997. Since the formation of the School of Information Management and Systems in January 1998 the group has evolved into the Knowledge Management Program.


Intelligent Decision Support
Research Group

Last Updated: June, 2001

Welcome to the Intelligent Decision Support

Research Group
at the Department of Information Systems,
Monash University

Intelligent decision support systems (IDSS) extend the notion of decision support by adding techniques originating from artificial intelligence such as knowledge bases, neural networks, genetic algorithms, learning etc. IDSS offer approaches for assisting decision making where information is incomplete or uncertain and where decisions must be made using human judgement and preferences.

We use the term Intelligent Decision Support Systems, to indicate the difference between our approach and those of classical DSS. We view IDSS as a combination of heterogeneous technologies and physical components designed to enhance the capability of the human decision maker. Our major focus is the role of knowledge-based approaches in supporting the decision makers in their professional work.

The Intelligent Decision Support research group operated within the Department of Information Systems at Monash from 1995 till 1997. It was concerned with the application of both the techniques and theory of knowledge based systems and other intelligent methods to decision support. The group is investigating the use of a range of techniques including case-based systems, fuzzy neural systems and genetic algorithms as well as techniques from cognitive psychology and from more conventional areas such as multicriteria decision theory as appropriate approaches to enhance decision support. The projects carried out within this group address issues of knowledge elicitation, learning, and reuse of knowledge, in the decision support context. We have proposed methods to apply these techniques to the construction of IDSS which can effectively retrieve and adapt past experience to support the current problems. The IDS research group has a strong research link with the Decision Support Systems Laboratory of the Department of Information Systems at Monash University and conducts some joint projects involving staff and students from both groups.

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Melbourne IDS Workshops

Proceedings of IDS'95 and IDS'96 are available now. Send request to Frada Burstein,

IDS'96 Workshop - program

IDS'97 Workshop - call for papers

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