Short Personal Biography

Angela Carbone is a Senior Lecturer for the Caulfield School of Information Technology, in the Faculty of Information Technology, at Monash University. In 1999, she held a one-year Professorship in recognition for receiving the Prime Minister's Award for University Teacher of the Year (1998).

Angela's involvement in research into Computing Education began in 1995, when she volunteered to be a member of a research committee called the Education Project Group. The aim of the group was to improve the quality of teaching and student learning in first year computer programming. The group investigated difficulties which faced students and staff in achieving success in their teaching and learning of programming. This investigation led to further research which culminated in Angela undertaking a PhD in 1997. Her PhD study was aimed at developing a set of guiding principles to design programming tasks. Her research to date has been published in Australian and international conference proceedings. In 1998 and 1999 Angela was awarded the UNESCO International Centre for Engineering Education, Diamond Award (First Place) for a distinguished contribution, in delivering outstanding papers. In 2007 Angela was awarded her PhD.

In 1995, Angela was one of only 5% of Australian academics selected for their exemplary teaching to participate in the "Reflections on University Teaching" project. This project was instigated by the Committee for the Advancement of University Teaching (CAUT). By 1996, Angela had introduced a number of innovative teaching programmes and developed Web-based applications to improve teaching administration and student learning. For her achievements she was awarded:

Not resting on laurels after winning the top teaching awards in Australia, Angela has moved onto projects that are more innovative and internationally significant than before. Currently, Angela led a project to develop and implement a studio-based approach to teaching IT in 2000. This project was piloted in all year levels of the Bachelor of Information Management and Systems (BIMS) at Monash University and recieved a Special Commendation by the   Vice-Chancellor's for the Award for Excellence in Team-based Educational Development in 2002.

Currently, Angela is the Director of Education Quality for the Caulfield School of IT. She chairs the Education Quality sub-comittee and is a member of the education committees at the unviersity level. She is the Chief Examiner for FIT1002 - Computer Programing and commits a lot of her time improving the quality of the units and course we deliver in the Faculty of IT.

Prior to her appointment at Monash University she worked in the computing field for corporations such as BHP, National Mutual Insurance, Aberfoyle Resources and Perpetual Trustees.

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