Research Grants and Special Projects

Benefits Management of Extended ES Functionalities

With: Dr. Adi Prananto (Swinburne University)

This project investigates the incremental deployment of Enterprise System modules in the period after initial major implementation of the ES. The active strategies and approaches being used by Australian organisations to minimise risks and maximise benefits have been surveyed. Preliminary analysis of the results has already been completed. Further investigations, conducted through interviews of respondents, are now under way.

Funding: $12,000 with a further grant submission pending.

Mobile Commerce Project

With: Christine Mingins, Julie Fisher, Linda Dawson, Helana Scheepers

This project will investigate the integration and synthesis of enabling technologies such as mobile computing with the design and redesign of business process environments. Funding will support the appointment of researchers, HDR scholarship top-ups, workshops and conference travel, to build a critical research mass in the area of m-Commerce.

Funding: $300,000 (incl. $125,000 Monash Research Fund (MRF) Grant)

Mobile Commerce - Changing the way we do business

With: Christine Mingins, Peter Stanski, Linda Dawson

This project will investigate the delivery of integrated data from various applications such as web services, to Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) devices such as Mobile Phones, Personal Data Assistants (PDAs) and Pocket PCs and how these services and devices influence the design and redesign of business processes.

Funding: $85,000 (incl. $35,000 Faculty of IT Research (FITR) Grant)





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