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SIMS Research Projects                                                 Details of Projects

Current ARC-Supported Research

Smart Information Portals: Meeting knowledge and decision support needs of health care consumers for quality online information (2006-2008)

Overcoming barriers to effective Internet use of community sector organisations (2005-2007)

Socio -technical determinants of agile, network-centric organisations (2005-2007)

One Day, We'll All Invest This Way! Regulating Online Investment (2005-2007)

Enhancing patient management and clinical systems in hospital ward settings using mobile, wireless technologies (2004 - 2006)

Create Once, Use Many Times: The Clever Use of Metadata in eGovernment and eBusiness Recordkeeping Processes in Networked Environments (2003-2005)

Trust and Technology: Building Archival Systems for Indigenous Oral Memory (2003-2005)

An Intelligent, User Sensitive Portal to Breast Cancer Knowledge Online (2002-2003)

Other Current Research

An Explanatory Study of Development Practices used in the Development of Small Business Web-Based Systems (MSG 2006)

Australian Civil Society: Priorities and Strategies for the Information Economy (NOIE 2004)

Community Building: The Power of Public Library Networks (MSG 2005)

Developing and Evaluating Location Based Services (LBS) (CRC Sustainable Tourism 2005)

Evaluation of a Computerised Intervention for Depression and Low Social Support in Coronary Heart Disease Patients in General Medical Practice (Med SGS 2005)

Intelligent Healthcare Information Portal to Support User-Centric Information Provision for People with Stress and Anxiety (MSG 2005)

Knowledge Organisation for Managing Risk in Food Safety (MSG 2005)

Memories, Communities, Technologies - an Arts/ICT Search Conference (Arts/IT and KCL 2005)

A Pilot Web Portal for Online Access to Australian Historical Archival Records of Victorian Indigenous Languages (Arts/IT 2005)

Strategic Positioning of IT Governance within Corporate Governance: Maximising the Value of IT Investments through IT Governance (MSG 2006)

Towards a Knowledge Commons: Modelling a Transformation of Library Services and Information Resource Provision in the Vocational Education Sector (MSG 2006)

Using Mobile Devices to Collect Data that Assists in Clinical and Service Developments within the Care of Stroke Patients (MSG 2005)

Completed Research Projects


Electronic Health Records: Achieving an Effective and Ethical Legal and Recordkeeping Framework (ARC Discovery 2002-2004)

Benchmarking Location Based Systems - the Potential of Location (CRC Sustainable Tourism 2004)

Social Computing and complexity: human-centred design and deployment of ICT in large organisations (MRF 2004, in conjunction with School of Business Systems)


Improving Meteorological Forecasting Practice with Knowledge Management Systems (ARC Linkage 2002-2003)

Adaptive Systems (FITR 2003 and MRF 2003)

Empowerment for the West: Technologies & Knowledge Management for Community Service Providers in Melbourne's Western Region (MSG 2004)

A Process Theory View of IT Governance Practice and the Realisation of Business Value from IT Expenditure (MSG 2004)

Social Computing in Health Care and Communication (FITR 2003)

Towards Mobile Real-time Multicriteria Decision Support for Open-field Triage in Contingency Management (MSG 2004)


Building the Internet Workforce Project Evaluation

Business-IT Alignment Profiles and Executives' Perceptions of Business Value Derived from IT Investments (MSG 2003)

Community Points of Presence Evaluation (MSG 2003)

CoolCampus: Infrastructure for Pervasive Computing Research (FITR 2003)

Developing Application Environment for Mobile Devices in Health Care: Investigating Issues of Usability and Acceptance (MSG 2003)

Knowledge Management Strategies in Australia and New Zealand: A Comparative Study (MSG 2003)

The Role of Electronic Networks in Online Investment: A Pilot Study

Tertiary Student Understandings of Information Literacy in a Digital Age

Web-based Intelligent Multicriteria Decision Support System for Weather Forecasting


Australian Trade Union Heritage Gateway

Characteristics and Choices of Public Access Internet Users

A Critical Analysis of the Role of Simon's Process Theory of Decision-Making in Decision Support Systems Research

Developing the Competency of Australian Public Librarians in Using Online Databases (2001-2002)

Information and Communications Technology, Capacity Building and Meeting Community Needs: Interdisciplinary Concept Exploration and Search Conference Evaluation

An Investigation into the Effect of Mobile Device Types on Use and Management of Data by Nomadic Consultants

Knowledge Management in the Financial Services Sector

Literacy Online for People with Physical and Intellectual Disabilities and the Deaf: Through Sports, Arts and Recreation (2000-2002)

The Potentialities of Online Banking for the Australian Community: A Pilot Study

The Uses of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in Contemporary Social Movements: A Pilot Study


Evaluation of the Usability of Electronic Library Resources

Knowledge Management for Information Communities (2000-2001)

Mobile Commerce: Changing the Way We Do Business (2000-2001)


Online Services for People with Disabilities in Australian Public Libraries (1998-2000)

Teleworking: Implications for Academic Staff

Prior to 2000:

Recordkeeping Metadata Project (1998-1999)


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