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SIMS Research - News and Events - Archive

This page is an archive of news and events items about SIMS research


MRF 2004 Success (Dec 2003)
The SIMS and School of Business Systems application for a Monash Research Fund grant in the area of Social Computing, has been the only successful MRF bid for the Faculty of I.T. in 2004. It will receive central funding of $80,000 with matching funds from the Faculty and participating Schools. The project is entitled: Social Computing and complexity: human-centred design and deployment of ICT in large organisations.

Monash Small Grants 2004 Success (Dec 2003)
There were three successful small grants awarded to SIMS staff for 2004:
1. A Process Theory View of IT Governance Practice and the Realisation of Business Value from IT Expenditure - Dr Judy McKay (CI), and Prof. Rudy Hirschheim (Mentor)
2. Empowerment for the West: Technologies & Knowledge Management for Community Service Providers in Melbourne's Western Region - Ms Kerry Tanner (CI) and Dr Graeme Johanson (Mentor)
3. Towards Mobile Real-time Multicriteria Decision Support for Open-field Triage in Contingency Management - Dr Jocelyn san Pedro, Dr Leonid Churilov, A/Prof. Frada Burstein, A/Prof. Arkady Zaslavsky (CIs), and Dr Julie Hodgkin, A/Prof. J. Wassertheil (PIs).

Australian Conference on Knowledge Management and Intelligent Decision Support (ACKMIDS) (Dec 2003)
The Sixth Annual Australian Conference on Knowledge Management and Intelligent Decision Support (ACKMIDS) was held at Monash on 11 & 12 December 2003 with the theme "Managing Knowledge with Technology". For more information see the conference web site.

Scholarship and Fellowship Success (Oct 2003)
Monash University 10 Off-the-Top Monash Graduate Scholarships and Postgraduate Research and Teaching Fellowship Schemes 2004
Under the above Schemes, ten Monash Graduate Scholarships (MGS) and ten postgraduate fellowships were offered university-wide, to commence in 2004. The scholarships and fellowships were awarded to areas of research strength/priority rather than to individual students/fellows. SIMS has been successful in obtaining one of each award, a great result for our School and Faculty. The successful applicants were:
Dr Judy McKay - awarded a postgraduate research and teaching fellowship for a person to work with her in the area of IT Governance.
Assoc. Prof. Julie Fisher, Assoc. Prof. Frada Burstein and Prof Sue McKemmish - awarded a MGS for a PhD student to extend work currently being done in the Breast Cancer Knowledge Online project (Enterprise Information Research Group).

National Breast Cancer Foundation Postgraduate Research Scholarship (Sep 2003)
The National Breast Cancer Foundation offers a PhD scholarship for studies in this field. Rosetta Manaszewicz, who has been working as a Research Fellow in the Breast Cancer Knowledge Online project, is the recipient of the scholarship this year. She will be enrolling in a PhD in SIMS and will also continue the work of this important project.

ARC Network in Social Computing (Sep 2003)
SIMS has just submitted an application for an ARC Network in the area of Social Computing. Social Computing research focuses on how ICT can genuinely support people in their working and personal lives. The ARC Network program aims to "assist groups of researchers to coordinate and communicate their research activities across disciplinary, organisational, institutional and geographical boundaries" ( We are involving network partners from institutions across Australia and beyond.

Journal of Information and Knowledge Management (Vol. 2, No. 2) (Aug 2003)
A special issue of the Journal of Information and KM with the theme 'KM in Context and the Context for KM' has been published. Frada Burstein and Henry Linger of the SIMS Knowledge Management Research Laboratory have been guest editors of this issue. Please visit the website for more details:

CCNR News (Jul 2003)
The Centre for Community Networking Research, has been commissioned by the National Office of the Information Economy to help to develop a summary Statement on the role of information and communication technologies in advancing civil society (that is, the third, or non-government-non-business, sector). The Statement will be presented to the World Summit on the Information Society in Geneva, along with a comparable Statement from the Australian government, and another from Australian business. Australian politicians, government officials, and business delegates will attend. WSIS was established by the United Nations, via the International Telecommunications Union, about 3 years ago. It hopes to develop international guidelines to advance co-ordination of key features of a global knowledge society.

The Statement project fits well with the main achievements of CCNR so far, complementing ongoing and completed research projects, on the uptake of ICTs in the third sector in Australia, on the use of Internet access in public libraries in Victoria, on the critical success factors that determine the viability of virtual communities, on good evaluative tools to measure effectiveness of online communities, on demonstrative case studies of specific communities, and on creation of a national research agenda for Australian practitioners in the area of community informatics.

ARC Success: Trust and Technology (Jun 2003)
SIMS researchers Dr Kirsty Williamson, Professor Sue McKemmish, and Professor Don Schauder, plus Professor Lynette Russell from Monash's Centre for Australian Indigenous Studies and Ms Justine Heazlewood from the Public Record Office Victoria (PROV), have won an ARC Linkage Grant totaling $293,300 for a research project to investigate building archival systems for Indigenous oral memory.

Industry partners the PROV, the Victorian Koorie Records Taskforce, the Koorie Heritage Trust, and the Australian Society of Archivists Indigenous Issues Special Interest Group will also contribute approximately $352,581 in cash and in kind during the 3 year project. Research will commence in September 2003.


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