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RFID Research Partnership

Monash Research team, comprising Susan Foster and Helana Scheepers from the Faculty of IT, Monash University , is currently conducting research into the uptake of RFIDs by different organisations in a variety of business settings . Their research currently focuses on analysing the business drivers, expected benefits, possible impediments and associated issues in the adoption of RFID technology.

It is with great pleasure that we recognise the contribution made by our RFID research partners: Deloitte and Eclipse

Deloitte is a major consulting group initiating and supporting the uptake of RFIDs in organisations. In this capacity, Deloitte was recognised as a major industry partner that would add value to research into this innovative technology. To obtain further information about Deloitte click on this link: http://www.deloitte.com/dtt/section_home/0,1041,sid%253D5521,00.html



SEMINAR :           
"RFIDs UnPlugged"

Thurs. October 13, 3.30pm
To listen to the seminar connect to the link by clicking here.



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